This course is aimed at the technicians working in a salon or at home and they want to improve and be up to date with the latest working techniques for more speed and ease.
The course includes:

manichiura combinata
  • Workspace organization
  • The structure and anatomy of the natural nail
  • Disinfection and sterilization of utensils
  • Description of products and their use
  • The correct preparation of the natural nail
  • How to use nail drill bits 
  • Sculpting nail extension on salon shape (square and almond )
  • Technique without filling 
  • Applying the color as close to the cuticle 
  • French manicure design 
  • Babyboomer sculped  technique 
  • Quick decor, nail art
  • How to make professional photos to promote your business 

<img class=The practice will be on the model
<img class=The course lasts 2 days intensively from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
<img class=Accredited diploma is offered
<img class=Price £300
<img class=Trainer: Adriana Cirstea

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