It is a basic beginner level course for people who do not work in the field but want to learn this beautiful profession, as well as the technicians who are already working in the field but are not satisfied with their results and want to update their new techniques. During the course you will learn the latest techniques in the field of nail gel extensions with square shape, ballerina and almond + BONUS combined manicure.

Curs Baza constructie unghii cu gel

This course includes:

  • Structure and anatomy of the natural nail
  • Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilizing utensils
  • Product description and correct use
  • The correct preparation of the natural nail
  • Cuticle removal with electric drill
  • Combined manicure
  • Applying shellac 
  • Applying and trimming the nail form for the square, classic almond and ballerina shape
  • Sculpture gel nail extensions with nail form on the shape square, almond and ballerina
  • Nail filing steps for each shape (square, ballerina, almond)
  • Design french manicure on surface
  • Applying color as close to the cuticle
  • Baby boomer sculpted technique
  • How to use electric drill and bit knowledge (drill bits)
  • Infill nail gel and how to change the shape
  • How to avoiding, preventing and solving the lifting nails
  • Application of accessories, nail art
  • How to making professional photos to promote your busines

<img class=The course lasts 5 days intensively from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

<img class=The practice will be on the model

<img class=Kit worth £120 included

<img class=Accredited diploma is offered

<img class=Price £670

<img class=Trainer: Adriana Cirstea

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