The CIA Nails & Beauty Academy established in 2013. We offer you accredited and NVQ qualified courses for nails and beauty treatments.
Our courses represent a new opportunity to improve the quality of your life. Not only does the profession offer you unique satisfaction, but it is also so sought after. A qualification in the beauty profession can give you professional reorientation in your career, an additional source of income during your studies or a way of financial independence on your own. You will be provided professional products and equipment of last generation for an intensive practical, similar to the activity of a professional salon, and the practical is performed on real clients who benefit from these services free of charge. Aesthetics is an art and a science, as well as an industry that will always be in constantly evolving.

The CIA Nails & Beauty brand represents quality in outstanding service to your customers as well as in enhanced performance of technicians. That is why we have carefully created a wide range of professional products of the highest quality for the most demanding technicians and to have top results at very advantageous prices. To persuade you of the quality of the products we offer we invite you to test our products to make sure that our products are purchased according to your needs.

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