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It is a course intended for technicians who already have a basic course and want to evolve in this field or who want to become nail trainers in the future. So in this course you improve both your skills and yourself, we focus on your evolution, correcting the mistakes and problems you encounter.
If you already have a basic course but haven’t practiced, you need to redo the basic manicure course from scratch to be able to assimilate this course.


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This course will cover the following

• Arranging the work space
• Hygiene norms and work protection in the salon
• Disinfection and sterilization
• Description of professional electrical equipment
• Description of professional tools
• Description of professional products and their use
• Classification of the nail drill bits for the efile
• Anatomy of the natural nail
• Types of nail bed and characteristics
• Cuticle types and characteristics
• Correct preparation of the natural nail for a perfect adhesion
• Correct use of the efile
• Cuticle removal through the combined technique (scissors and nail drill bits)
• Removing the cuticle using the wet technique
• Using natural nail preparation liquids for perfect adhesion
• All about apex and resistance
• Description and modeling of the perfect blic
• The characteristics of the smart forms
• Cutting the smart forms according to the nail bed
• Perfect dosage of the material for a minimum of pressure
• Correct positioning of the smart forms for a minimum of filing
• The correct implementation of the extension to prevent cracks in the stress area
• The characteristics and secrets of the nail forms
• Cutting out the nail forms according to the nail bed
• Correct positioning of the nail forms according to the nail bed, shape nail extensions and chosen length
• Correct realization of the extension to prevent cracks in the stress area
• Realization of shapes of different lengths
• Filing steps with an electric file
• Filing steps depending on the shape and length of the extension
• Shaping the apex using the technique without filing
• The correct use of the efile and the steps to remove the product during maintenance
• Maintenance of technical nails
• Babyboomer achievement
• French painted
• Double glass design
• Ombré design
• Ideal gel polish colour application

Course practice summary

Each participant will complete 5 fingers (full hand) per day 
• Each one of the model's hands will be used by a participant 
• Practice on model will last 6 hours/ day
• Day 1
-Styling the cuticle
- Nail extensions sculpting square shape
• Day 2
-Styling the cuticle
- Nail extensions sculpting arched square
• Day 3
-Styling the cuticle
-Nail extensions sculpting ballerina shape
• Day 4
-Styling the cuticle
-Nail extensions sculpting russian almond shape
• Day 5
-Styling the cuticle
-Maintenance slim almond architecture

Diploma summary

• CPD accredited diploma
• ABT accredited diploma
• Graduation diploma from the CIA Nails & Beauty Academy

Enrolment Benefits

• Gift worth £30 
• 20% discount on all CIA product purchases throughout the course 

• Free CIA products offered during course practice 

• Nail art designs 

• Professional photographs 

• Marketing strategies for your business 

• Training manual

Course Schedule

The course lasts 5 intensive days from 10.00-18.00

How do I pay?

You can pay using following methods:

  • Paypal account
  • Pay in 30 days using Klarna
  • 3 interest-free instalments using Klarna

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