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This course is dedicated to nail technicians with intermediate experience on technical nails looking to improve their skills.

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Course Date

11-12 May 2022


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This course will cover the following

• Workspace preparation
• Salon hygiene: sterilisation and protection
• Correct terms for products and devices
• Introduction and training for professional devices
• Nail anatomy and types of nail beds
• All types of cuticles and the correct cutting technique
• Natural nail prepping for new product
• Introduction to nail drill and bits
• The correct way to use the nail drill
• Dry manicure, cuticle removal using the
• nail drill
• Combined manicure, cuticle removal using the nail drill and scissors
• All steps for old product removal using the nail drill
• All steps on nail filing according to shape
• How to correct a crooked nail
• Combined nail maintenance
• How to correct the nail at maintenance with the help of reusable smart tips
• Nail maintenance for nails growing upwards
• Standard nail maintenance
• Causes and solutions for product nail lifting
• Causes and solutions for nail cracks
• Causes and prothesis of onycholysis
• How to avoid product lifting

Course practice summary

• Each participant will complete 5 fingers (full hand) per day
• Each one of the model's hands will be used by a participant
• Practice on model will last 6 hours/ day
• Day1 - Combined-Dry Manicure + maintenance /correction on different types of nail bed
• Day2 - Combined-Dry Manicure, maintenance and correction of nails growing crooked and babyboomer technique

Diploma summary

• Accredited Beauty & Guild Standard Professional Diploma
• Accredited Beauty & Guild E-Filing
• CIA Nails & Beauty Academy Diploma

Enrolment Bonuses

• Worth £20 CIA gift
• 20% discount on all CIA product purchases throughout the course
• Free CIA products offered during course practice
• 2 different nail art express designs
• Professional photographs
• Marketing strategies for your business
• Training manual

Course Schedule

• The course will run from 10 am to 6 pm for 2 consecutive days
• Group capacity is 6 participants

How do I pay?

You can pay using following methods:

  • Paypal account
  • Pay in 30 days using Klarna
  • 3 interest-free instalments using Klarna

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