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Who can register for this course?
It is a basic course for beginners in which everything is learned from scratch, intended for people who do not work in the field but want to learn this job, as well as technicians who already work in the field but are not satisfied with their results and want to improve their knowledge with new techniques.

Course Date

25-29 September 2023 (Romanian Language), 20, 21, 22, 28, 29 October (Romanian Language), 20-24 November (Romanian Language)


  1. Alina Popescu

    Recomand cu mare drag ,cel mai bun trainer,o fata super de treaba si foarte calma si inveti chiar foarte multe 😘😘🤗

  2. Adina Onea

    Recomand cu incredere Adriana Cristea , un trainer minunat si o persoana deosebita😘

  3. Carmen

    After finishing the beginners course ,I am confident in recommending Adriana Cirstea as a trainer! A calm and patient person; an extremely complex course!

  4. Laura

    I’ve been looking for a nails trainer for a long time and I found CIA I’ve spoke with Adriana and I’ve book my course
    Best thing I ever done in my life choosing to do my course with her
    She is very calm and helpful
    And her products are the best I’ve had a client coming after 3 months without lifting
    Highly recommend

  5. Ion Mihaela Alina

    The best trainer, a calm person with a good explanation that anyone can understand

  6. Florina

    Recomand cu toată increderea, este un trainer perfectionist cu mult calm si multa rabdare.

  7. Alisa Cadis

    RECOMANDED !!! 💜 Goog quality products , very good trainer – Adriana Cirstea with a lot of patience and kindness ! 💜

  8. Alina Popescu

    Adriana is the best trainer and a wonderful person that I recommend with all confidence 😘🤗🤗

  9. Alexandra

    Adriana is a very good trainer, she is nice and kind. After the beginners course you leave with a lot of knowledge so that you will be able to make a perfect manicure. 💅🏽
    Every time when she has the opportunity, she continues to give you advice so that you can be the best version of yourself 😊
    I sincerely recommend her! 💓💓

  10. Oana

    Adriana is wonderful and calm person I recommend with too much love her

  11. Simona Constantin

    My super trainer ever ! I’m done the beginner courses with her and It was a pleasur. I recomanded 💯💯

  12. Andreea N. Cismas

    Adriana C. is The Best Trainer, calm,patient and very good person to work with. I highly recommend her!

  13. Alexandra Macsim

    patience, understanding, unforgettable atmosphere and the best trainer! High quality products that make your job easier! I wholeheartedly recommend this unforgettable experience!💞🤗🌸💞

  14. Anastasia Manolachi

    Very pleased with the results of this course. Adriana is a person with a lot of patience and a lot of knowledge. I am happy that I chose to do this course and I had the opportunity to use Cia products, which are of superb quality!

  15. Camelia Nicoleta Coman

    I recomend all courses of Adriana Cirstea because she is a professional patient calm and you will work with high quality people and products.I learn the easy and correct way to work this wonderful job. I took the correct decision to learn from one of the best

  16. Adina

    Adriana is a very good and patient trainer and I really recommend this course.

  17. Nicoleta

    Very good teacher, i really recommend 💋💋 Thank you for everything! 🙏

  18. Nicoleta Anghel

    Amaizing trainer, thank you for everything

  19. Simona

    I finish this courses and I learn to many things from my best trainers Adriana !

  20. Iuliana tatiana

    Recomand cu mare încredere Adriana trainer ❤️🥰 I recommend with confidence Adriana trainer ❤️🥰

  21. Oana

    The course was very informative and I learnt a lot about nail shaping techniques. I recommend the course especially as Adriana is lovely and very approachable.

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This course will cover the following

• Arranging the work space
• Hygiene norms and work protection in the salon
• Disinfection and sterilization
• Description of professional electrical equipment
• Description of professional tools
• Description of professional products and their use
• Introduction to nail drill and bits
• Anatomy and nail diseases
• Types of nail bed and characteristics
• Cuticle types and characteristics
• Correct preparation of the natural nail for a perfect adhesion
• Correct use of the electric file
• Cuticle removal through the combined technique
• Using natural nail preparation liquids for ideal adhesion
• Everything about apex
• Description and modeling of the perfect blic
• Overlay gel manicure
• Description and correct choice of smart forms
• Cutting the smart forms according to the nail bed
• Perfect dosage of the product for a minimum of repression
• Correct positioning of the smart forms for a minimum of filing
• The correct implementation of the extension to prevent cracks in the stress area
• Filing steps with an electric file
• Filing steps depending on the shape and length of the extension
• Shaping the apex using the technique without filing
• Sculpted babyboomer technique
• French tip design through surface nail painting
• Ideal color application
• All steps for old product removal using the nail drill
• How to complete an infill
• Prothesis of onycholysis
• Causes and prevention of nail cracks
• Causes and prevention of nail lifting

Course practice summary

• Each participant will complete 5 fingers (full hand) per day
• Each one of the model's hands will be used by a participant
• Practice on model will last 6 hours/ day
• Day1 - Combined dry manicure and overlay gel manicure
• Day2 - Combined dry manicure and nail sculpting with oval shape
• Day3- Combined dry manicure,almond shape with sculpted babyboomer tehnique
• Day4 - Combined dry manicure, nail sculpting with square shape and surface french tip painting
• Day5- Combined dry manicure and infill

Diploma summary

• CPD accredited certificate BEGINNERS NAIL TECHNICIAN
• CIA Nails & Beauty Academy Diploma

Enrolment Bonuses

• Gift worth £30
• 20% discount on all CIA product purchases throughout the course
• Free CIA products offered during course practice
• Nail art designs and applicators
• Professional photographs
• Marketing strategies for your business
• Training manual

Course Schedule

• The course will run from 10 am to 6 pm for 5 days

How do I pay?

You can pay using following methods:

  • Paypal account
  • Pay in 30 days using Klarna
  • 3 interest-free instalments using Klarna

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